Friday, June 30, 2017

Art as Your Soul's Expression

How do you get inspired? How do you transform a somewhat bad or crabby day or mood into a good one?

I have recently decided to do it with artwork. In decorating my new client room and personal office (separate rooms), I have surrounded myself with art. Art that has been created by friends or artists I've met along my journey. In fact I've done my whole house that way, and each time I enter a room a smile comes to my face. Several of them were gifted to me so it takes on even more meaning. The fact that someone would personally think of me and connect me to a piece of artwork opens and touches my heart. 

Some of it I have created my self, like the Medicine Shield below. I take great joy in making spiritual or symbolic artwork. In the book Soulcraft, Bill Plotkin shares that many nature-based cultures have no word for art or artist because producing what we call art is simply part of being human. I love this. It gives me permission to create anything and not judge whether I am an artist or not, and not to impress others. Just create for the sake of being human, and because it is my soul's expression which brings me joy.

During a symbolic art process like my Medicine Shield, my mind goes into a somewhat altered or hypnotic state, and I lose track of all time. I have made mandalas, medicine bags, smudge fans and other "spiritual" art and I always wonder where the time went when I am done.

I hope you will let go of your inner critic and try it! I send blessings to all the "artists", the world needs more!

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